South Australia

The South Australian branch of ANZAPPL brings together those who are interested in the relationship between psychiatry, psychology and law. Its members comprise practitioners in the three disciplines, other professionals working in related fields, students interested in mental health and the law as well as anyone who wishes to be engaged in the interaction between psychiatry, psychology and law.

For inquiries about the South Australia branch of ANZAPPL, please contact Public Officer Emily Telfer.


President Mr Anthony Allen QC  
Vice-President Vacant  
Treasurer Ms Amelia Rieger  
Secretary Ms Emily Telfer QC  
Public Officer Dr Oliver Burgess  
Members Ms Joanne O'Connor  
  Ms Katherine McLachlan  
  Mr Casey Isaacs  
  Mr Mark Seddon  
  Dr Catia Malvaso  

Committee meeting schedule, 2021

Monday 15 March 2021
Monday 12 April 2021
Monday 10 May 2021
Monday 21 June 2021 (noting the 14th is a public holiday)
Monday 12 July 2021
Monday 9 August 2021
Monday 13 September 2021
Monday 11 October 2021
Monday 8 November 2021

Event dates, 2021

Thursday 20 May 2021, dinner and speaker
Thursday 26 August 2021, dinner and speaker
Saturday 6 November 2021, day seminar and annual general meeting